Frequently Asked Questions: Online Sessions

2021 Online Tests Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


These FAQs and related answers form part of our Terms and Conditions. By making a booking, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and agreeing that we may store your personal details for the purpose of processing your application and delivering the products and services that you have booked with us.


1.    My child is not in Year 5 - can they sit the tests in 2021? No. The tests are designed for children in Year 5 who will be sitting their entrance tests in autumn 2021.


2.    What will my child need to be able to do the test? Your child will need a quiet space, a computer or tablet with reliable internet connection, a pencil and rough paper for working out answers. We do not recommend doing the tests on a smartphone.


3.    Will my personal details be shared with other organisations? We will only use your personal details to administer your account and to provide the products and services that you have requested from us. 


4.    Can I book online test sessions for a friend’s child? No. The email address that you use to register will be the only email address that we can correspond with. This includes dealing with any queries that you have, confirmation of log in details, arrangements for the test session(s) booked and any other reminders that we send out.


5.    What if my child has any medical conditions or educational needs? As your child is sitting the online test at home, we do not need to know about any conditions or needs relating to your child. Please note, we do not offer any extra time or other adjustments for these test sessions.


6.    How many online test sessions can I book? We are running three online test sessions: Q, R and S. You should only book one of each session for each of your children.


7.    What is included in Session Q and when can my child sit it? Test session Q includes a multiple-choice English paper and a multiple choice maths paper, both approximately 45 minutes long. This session costs £40.00. You do not need to tell us when your child will be sitting, as the online testing site will be open between 13th to 28th February 2021 inclusive and you will be able to login anytime between these two dates.


8.    What is included in Session R and when can my child sit it? Test session R includes a multiple-choice English paper and a multiple choice maths paper, both approximately 45 minutes long. This session costs £40.00. You do not need to tell us when your child will be sitting, as the online testing site will be open between 22nd May and 6th June 2021 inclusive and you will be able to login anytime between these two dates.


9.    What is included in Session S and when can my child sit it? Test session S includes a multiple-choice English paper, a multiple choice maths paper, both approximately 45 minutes long. In addition, there is a 40 minute English writing task. (Details of this task are given below). This session costs £45.00. You do not need to tell us when your child will be sitting, as the online testing site will be open between 31st July and 15th August inclusive and you will be able to login anytime between these two dates.


10.What is the English writing task? This task will be accessed online. Your child will be asked to read, plan and produce their answer, which should be handwritten on lined paper that you provide. We will not give out any additional information in advance as to what the task will involve. Once completed, you should keep your child’s answer and download the feedback document that is accessed from our online testing site by clicking on the relevant link, as instructed at the time of sitting the test.


11.What feedback will I receive? Feedback for the maths and English multiple-choice papers includes your child’s actual and standardised score as well as an indication of how your child has performed in key areas. For the writing task (test session S only), you should read through the feedback document that you will have downloaded from our online testing site. This contains sample student answers with constructive comments as to the kind of things that schools are likely to be looking for in such a written task. It also contains advice as to how to assess your child’s performance. Please note, we do not mark the English writing task.


12.Having booked online, what happens? Once booked, we will send a booking confirmation almost immediately from explaining what happens next. Remember to check your inbox, spam, junk and trash folders. We suggest that you add this address to your contacts in an attempt to prevent it from going to your spam or junk folders. If you have not received this confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us immediately at Please keep your booking confirmation email somewhere safe. 


13.How long does the online session take? We recommend all papers are sat back-to-back in one sitting, allowing a 10-minute toilet break between papers as well as a few minutes at the start of each paper to read the test instructions. Online test sessions Q and R will require about two hours, while online test session S will require an extra 40 minutes to sit the English writing task.


14.How do I access the online test? Details of how to access our online testing site will be included in your online booking confirmation, referred to above. You will receive an email from in the week before the two week testing window opens, containing a website link, your username and password as well as instructions as to how to proceed. Please keep this email somewhere safe, as without it, your child will not be able to access the testing website.


15.What if I do not receive the email from If you do not receive the email by the date stated in your online booking confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact us. If you contact us after the date specified, and miss some or all of the testing period, no refund will be given.


16.Can my child have more than one attempt at the papers? No. Once you click on the online test Start button, your child’s test will start and they must complete the test paper at that time. Once the allocated time for that test paper is up, no further access will be possible.


17.What if I lose my internet connection during the test? You can log back into the test site using your login details and continue.


18.What happens at the end of each paper? Your child will be given instructions as to what to do next. For those sitting Session S, at the end of the writing task, you will be given instructions as to how to download your writing task feedback.


19.When will the test results be available? The results will be available one week after the test window closes. Results will remain on SGS PTA mock test website until the end of September 2021 when they will no longer be available. We do not keep records past this date.


20.How will I access my child’s online test results? Login to our booking site at, using the email and password registered on this site. Go to the top of the screen and click on the  ‘Results’ tab. We will publish all children’s results anonymously using the 4-digit ID number that will be sent from Classmarker as part of your login details referred to in question 14 above. 


21.Can I see the question and answer papers? We do not give out either the multiple-choice test papers or the answers. These papers are the intellectual property of SGS PTA Ltd and can only be used by your child when sitting the test. 


22.Is my child eligible for a free online mock test? If your child is entitled to free school meals, you can apply for £40 credit to be used when booking your online mock test. These places are limited in number and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please email us at providing suitable evidence.


23.Can I cancel and get a refund? Refunds are available for up to 14 days after your booking has been made, or if earlier, the date that the booking site closes for that session. Our booking site closes one week before the online test session starts. Please email if you wish to cancel a session. After this time, the fee is non-refundable and the space is non-transferable.


24.Can I transfer my booking? No. Once booked, the session is non-transferable. It cannot be transferred to another test session or to another child?


25.What if my child misses the testing window? There is no refund available if your child misses the two-week testing window for any reason.


26.What is 'standardisation'? A standardised score is a recognised mathematical process that is used by setters of any large test to indicate the performance of any candidate against the others who took the test. It takes into account the difficulty of the test and the spread of scores so that the results on different tests are directly comparable. We do not age standardise our results.


27.Do my results reflect how my child will do in the real exams? Not necessarily. Results from the mock test must be considered in conjunction with other factors such as teachers' views, tutors' opinions, how well your child coped on the day and other relevant factors including how much progress was made in the time between the mocks and the real test date. 


28.What happens if an exam session is cancelled? We reserve the right to cancel a session due to circumstances beyond our control or other reason. In this event, our liability will be limited to the amount that you have paid us for the cancelled session. We exclude liability for damages for any claims in law including contract, negligence, tort, statute or otherwise.