2020 mock test bookings will go live on 3 January 2020. No bookings can be made before 3 January 2020.

You can register to create an account with us now by clicking on the button 'Register to book' below. 


For data protection, all parents registered before we were open for 2020 registration have been removed so if you registered before 11th November at 2.30pm, you will need to re-register and activate your new account.


SGS PTA Mock Tests 2020

Designed for boys and girls taking entrance tests in Autumn 2020

Opportunity to sit up to 3 different test sessions invigilated in a large exam hall
Free on-site car parking; Tea and coffee available to buy from the canteen
Results posted online showing actual marks and standardised scores (excluding English writing task)
Feedback for multiple choice papers showing child's performance in each area

Bookings for our 2020 mock tests will go live on 3 January 2020. You will not be able to book any tests before this date.

By clicking on the 'faq' tab above, you will be able to see the format and dates of our 2020 mock tests, as well as the answers to many other questions that we get asked. If anything is unclear, please contact us at mocktests@sgspta.com

Please register on our site now to create an account ready for the January go live date. As part of this registration process you must click on the link that is emailed to you in order to activate your account.



Please remember the email address and passwrod that you use to create your account, as you will need these to log in when you return on 3rd January 2020 to make your booking.

This will be the only email address that we can use for any correspondence including dealing with any queries that you have, confirmation of your child’s candidate number, arrangements for the test session and any other reminders that we send out. Therefore only make bookings for your own child.


Due to Data Protection legislation we remove personal details each year. Anyone who registered before 11th November 2019 at 2.30pm will need to re-register and activate their new account.


SGSPTA Ltd runs these tests independent of Sutton Grammar School, using the school's premises in Sutton, Surrey.



Maths Paper - Multiple Choice 

English Paper - Multiple Choice 



Maths Paper - Standard Format (Not multiple choice) 

English Paper - Multiple Choice           

English Writing Task (see faq tab for details)



Maths Paper - Multiple Choice 

English Paper - Multiple Choice   

English Writing Task (see faq tab for details)


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