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We are currently updating our terms and conditions together with information about our 2023 mock test sessions. At this stage we can confirm that we will be running test sessions on the following dates:

Online session open between 18 March and 2 April 2023

Hall-based sessions (A) to be held on 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 May 2023

Hall-based sessions (B) to be held on 29, 30, 31 July and 4, 5, 6 August 2023


We have no further information available at this stage.



SGS PTA Mock test team



[Updated 26 Otcober 2022]

SGS PTA Mock Tests 2023

Designed for boys and girls taking entrance tests in autumn 2023

Early online test to identify your child's weaknesses
Two hall-based tests to see your child's progress
Feedback on your child's performance by area
Your child's standardised score against up to 2000 other students


SGS PTA has a long history of offering hall-based mock tests on the premises of Sutton Grammar School in Sutton, SM1 4AH (Surrey) to provide Year 5 boys and girls with an authentic test experience before their official 11+ exams. 

In 2023, we will be running an online test session in March/April and hall-based test sessions in May and July/August, designed to help you assess your child’s progress at various stages leading up to their 11+ exams in the autumn. 

Each session will contain different questions written specifically for Sutton Grammar School PTA mocks. These are different to the papers used by other mock test providers, including those offered by other grammar schools. This means that you have the option to book all three of our test sessions if you wish.

Some parents have asked about the benefits of sitting an online test when the real test will be hall-based. We believe that the online test session provides an early insight into how your child is performing under timed conditions, with the knowledge that this is an exam but without the added pressure of being in a strange environment. Knowing that the test is being timed and marked independently is very different to sitting an off-the-shelf paper at home, where no comparison with the performance of other children is available. In addition, our online test session gives access to an additional document that is not provided with our hall-based tests. This document identifies the categories examined in the online test, and explains them using questions taken from your child’s real test papers. 


From 10 December 2022, you can register on this site to create a parental account and activate this account by clicking on the link that is emailed to you. In order to adhere to GDPR, all registrations made prior to 10 December 2022 will be deleted from our system. Anyone who has registered before this will need to repeat the registration process prior to booking.



You will not be able to book your 2023 sessions until 2 January 2023. Before booking, you will need to have registered on this site.



The email address you register and then book with will be the only email address that we can use for any correspondence about your booking, including dealing with any queries that you have and any other reminders that we send out.


Please only make bookings for your own child.


It is important to check junk/spam folders as we cannot be responsible for emails that are blocked or filtered into different folders and subsequently deleted.


SGS PTA Ltd runs these tests independent of Sutton Grammar School and can be contacted at

Please DO NOT contact the school regarding these tests.



Mock tests in 2023 

Please DO NOT register before 10 December 2022. All registrations prior to this date will be deleted in order to comply with GDPR.


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